30 Real Estate Listings On Zillow That Were So Bad, They Ended Up On “The Best Of Zillow”

Even if you’re not ready or simply don’t want to buy a home, browsing real estate listings and viewing their design can be a fun pastime. That’s because, in a way, interior design is an art form, which typically calls for either an exceptional talent or years of experience—or, in most cases, both—and results in some awe-inspiring ideas.

Though, in her Ted Talk from 2017, interior designer Phoebe Oldrey suggested that good design is something you don’t even notice. Unlike a bad one, which can be compared to a pebble in one’s shoe (something you can’t help but think about constantly), it doesn’t make one think about how convenient it is on a daily basis.

“The funny thing about design is, you don’t really notice good design; you’re just using it,” Oldrey pointed out in her talk. “Sure, you notice the aesthetics of a room—‘it looks nice, therefore, I like it’—but you don’t notice how you feel about it. You just feel content.”

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