A Major Market Surprise Is Likely Coming


Over the past two years, battling persistently high inflation has been the dominant economic theme facing markets. However, major economic trends are shifting, which we believe will possibly lead to a reversal from inflation to deflation in the near future. In this article, we explain why we expect this major market surprise and share how we are positioning our portfolio to profit from this anticipated macroeconomic reversal, including a few of our top picks of the moment.

Why A Major Market Surprise Is Coming

Our Approach

Realty Income (O) – a high-yielding, A- rated, triple net lease REIT that trades at a historically low valuation and has a phenomenal track record of compounding wealth and growing its dividend over the long-term while also weathering recessions exceptionally well. Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN) – a high-yielding, investment-grade regulated utility that trades at a historically low valuation and is in the process of selling its renewable power production business (which they expect to execute in 2024) at a valuation that they believe will unlock value for shareholders. It has suffered from rising interest rates despite generating solid underlying performance and therefore would benefit immensely from a decline in interest rates while weathering a recession quite well. Investor Takeaway

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