Check Out the 10 Most Expensive St. Louis Mansions for Sale Now

The rich, they’re not like us. Take, for example, their homes. They cost a lot — think several million dollars each — and they are super big. What do rich people do with all that space?

Many have beautiful architecture or at least nice details and sprawling, well-tended grounds one could spend a lot of time strolling or whatever makes you happy outdoors. But — sorry to be blunt — a lot of them are also ugly. They’re cookie cutter McMansions or they are full of things that seem to be imported from a bad time in interior design’s past.

Still, hideous or beautiful, we can’t look away, and we know that you can’t either. So we’ve compiled the 10 most expensive houses in the St. Louis market right now for you to peruse. They’re organized from least to most pricey so that you’ll have to scroll all the way to the end to see the extravagance that is the final house. (We promise that it’s a doozy and well worth your efforts.)

Happy peeping!

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