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THE EDITOR: TT is undoubtedly facing a severe crisis, with multiple pressing issues eroding the quality of life for citizens. The prevailing sense of discontent is palpable as core infrastructure services such as water supply and road maintenance have deteriorated. The poor state of public spaces, including in front of critical institutions like the Parliament and police stations, reflects a lack of pride and responsibility.

Crime, a pervasive problem, appears to be spiralling out of control, and the police force’s effectiveness is being questioned. Economic woes are evident, with rising unemployment and the closure of state corporations further deepening the economic distress. The absence of a co-ordinated response to these challenges reflects a disturbing indifference within the country’s leadership.

The discovery of large caches of illegal arms without consequent charges signals a breakdown in law enforcement and accountability. This only perpetuates a cycle of violence and insecurity that disproportionately affects the most vulnerable segments of society.

The increasing wealth disparity is evident, with the marginalised getting pushed further into poverty. This undermines the nation’s claim to uphold true societal standards.

In sum, TT appears to be teetering on the brink of complete collapse. Urgent, comprehensive action is required from government officials, institutions, and the broader society to address these pressing issues and restore a sense of pride and security. Without a collective commitment to change, the future remains bleak.


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