Gold standard: One of the top guitar pedal tuners you can buy is still available in the

Every player needs the best guitar tuner they can afford; it’s the most important piece of gear we’ll ever buy, apart from the guitar itself. If you’re not in tune, you’ll never sound good. So why cheap out on a tuner? There’s no need to with this Cyber Monday guitar deal because you can bag yourself a limited edition pedal tuner from the top name in accuracy Peterson with a 37% saving right now at Thomann. on the Peterson StroboStomp LE and on the standard edition. For the US there’s a Guitar Center discount to be had on the standard edition too. 

It’s easy to get carried away with the electric guitars, amp modellers and pedal bargains in the Cyber Monday music deals but this is the kind of deal that will pay dividends for years – and the useful features Peterson has packed into this limited edition 75th anniversary gold version are unique. 

The special limited edition gold version even comes with its own gold braided micro USB cable but the specs elsewhere are the real treasure: a large HD display that I’ve seen in person and it’s great, the ability to colour code specific tunings you use in different vibrant screen hues is great too.  

The biggest headline feature is Peterson’s ‘True Strobe’ tech with ± 0.1 cent accuracy that gives all players peace of mind when they plug in. But this is also a hugely useful tuner for another reason that’s bespoke to Peterson: the company’s Sweetended Tunings.

There are over 100 of them in the StroboStomp LE.  These are tweaked tunings that are designed to get the best from your tuning choices with “several degrees of harmony or consonance in a tuning preset”. When matched with your needs they can allow your instrument to sound… sweeter! 

The preset tunings cover everything from Eddie Van Halen‘s tuning, to open tunings and Peterson’s sweeteners designed for electric and acoustic guitars

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