Inside rent-free tiny home community where certain condition will trigger fees

A TINY home village that would allow residents to live there indefinitely and free of charge could be built.

The $2.9 million project is in Jackson, Mississippi, and recently had its funding approved by the city council.

A proposed tiny home village could allow residents to live there indefinitely and rent-freeCredit: WLBTThe community would be in Jackson, MississippiCredit: WLBT

This tiny home community, on Capers Avenue, would only be available to the city’s homeless population.

60 of these tiny houses are set to be built on an empty plot of land in West Jackson, according to NBC affiliate WLBT.

Each of the homes would serve one resident and a pet.

These units would include essentials like electricity, running water, and a bathroom.

They will also have a sleeping area and a desk.

Added features would include a community kitchen, case management services, and healthcare to help the tenants out of homelessness.

The project, by Jackson Resource Center, is intended to act as transitional housing to help people out of homelessness, but residents would be able to stay there indefinitely if they would like.

This housing would switch from no-rent to low-rent when the tenants are back up on their feet and can afford to pay rent.

“What we’ve found is that a lot of people want their own [homes],” JRC said.

“The main ones who stay are the ones who are older, in their 60s and 70s.”

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Although the city council has approved the funding, it must also approve the whole project.

The CEO of the Jackson Resource Center, Putalamus White, explained how and why these homes would be built.


“Building this would get us, as a city, going in the right direction,” she said.

“It would definitely pull a lot of our homeless in West Jackson off the streets.”

She added that the tiny home would be a viable option as the setup is low-cost.

“The homes are $4,500 a unit,” she said.

“We have to bring in plumbing [and] electricity, which makes it about $9,500 total.

“You can literally house somebody… for $9,500. That’s unheard of in today’s society.”

The U.S. Sun has previously reported on some of the local opposition that the project has faced.

The CEO of Jackson Resource Center, Putalamus White, said this project would help the city’s homeless populationCredit:

Trouble finding a home for tiny homes

Tiny home dwellers in several cities and states have faced backlash from city officials after trying to set up their own tiny homes:

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