Is there a better coach on the market to lead the Cavs than J.B. Bickerstaff? Wine and Gold

CLEVELAND, Ohio — In this episode of the Wine and Gold Talk podcast, the hosts discuss the potential decision on J.B. Bickerstaff as the head coach of the Cavs while giving options for replacements.

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The decision on whether to keep J.B. Bickerstaff as the head coach of the Cavs is not an easy one, as there are arguments for both keeping him and moving on.The pairing of Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen has been successful for the Cavs, and there is potential for them to continue to excel together.Trade scenarios involving Darius Garland and Allen should be carefully considered, as they are key pieces of the Cavs’ roster. Mobley and Allen have been key players for the Cavs, but their offensive styles may not complement each other well enough for the team to become a strong offensive force.Frank Vogel and Kenny Atkinson are potential coaching candidates who could bring valuable experience and offensive expertise to the team.Bickerstaff has shown his ability to improve the team and handle adversity, making a strong case for him to remain as the head coach.

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Ethan Sands

What up, Cavs Nation? I’m your host, Ethan Sands, and I’m back with another episode of The One. Angle Talk Podcast. It’s the off season, but I still got the best dude in the business joining me on the podcast. Chris Fidor. What’s going on, Chris? How’s the off season life treating you, buddy?

Chris Fedor (00:30.895)

It has been glorious the last couple of days, although it does feel like there’s something that I should be doing work wise. that’s just like the feeling that I always get in the off season. Cause it’s the regular season, such a grind and it’s over and over and over again. And it’s constantly writing and constantly talking to people and thinking about new ideas and all that kind of stuff. so not having that, not having that level of responsibility that I have during the season feels kind of weird for me.

So I think I’m still just trying to get used to what is my new normal for the next couple of months. But it was great being able to take Elliot to the park today. We were able to go take a look at a new car for my wife, all that kind of stuff that I would not normally have time for.

Ethan Sands (01:18.628)

Big whip purchases in the near future for the Fedor family? my goodness. Hey, new is new, new is new. But hey, now, so we have been talking about JB Bickerstad as much as there is quote unquote no new news that we can report on.

Chris Fedor (01:20.911)

But it’s a family SUV, but nonetheless, it’s still a newer one.

Ethan Sands (01:45.028)

There’s speculation and there is a upcoming discussion or press conference with Colby Altman later this week where we’ll hear a little bit more of the organization’s point of view of everything going on. And Chris, I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting them to make a decision on JB Bigger’s that before Colby Altman talks to the press. What is your indication on that?

Chris Fedor (02:10.831)

Well, it would be logical for him to do it before, before he talks to us. But, but I don’t think there’s a guarantee of that because I think like part of this equation, Ethan, when it comes to, any kind of decision regarding JB is can they do better or what else is out there for them to try and go get, you know, Phoenix obviously had a plan in mind that if they were going to move on from Frank Vogel, which they did,

There was a guy out there that they felt reasonably sure that they could go out and get. And they did. And it was Mike Budenholzer. And at the time, coach Bud was the best coaching candidate on the market. So they felt like, Hey, if we’re going to move on from Frank Vogel, yeah, that’s probably a risk. Yeah. He’s a good coach. He might get other opportunities elsewhere, but there’s somebody else for us to move toward immediately. And they scooped up Bud.

When it comes to the Cavs, you know, they have to look at all the different candidates that could potentially be available to them. Whether those guys would actually be interested in coming to Cleveland, send out the feelers that they would need to send out. They’re also the front office of the Cavs is also doing some draft stuff. They all gathered in Chicago for the NBA combine. Now they’re headed to Los Angeles for the player agent workouts that are going on in LA.

And then Kobe’s going to be back at the end of this week. And it’s not to say that just because they’re in a different location other than Cleveland, that they can’t possibly make a decision on JB or they can’t use their mind to go elsewhere. but there’s a lot that they’re trying to sort through at this point in time beyond the JB conversation. and I do think it’s an extensive one and I don’t think it’s one that they’re going to rush. So.

One, if they feel good about whatever decision it is that they’re going to make with JB and they feel comfortable about it, then they’ll go ahead and they’ll move forward. Two, if they feel comfortable and confident with the potential candidates that they could replace JB with, then I think they would have no problem pulling the trigger. But the sense that I get, Ethan, is that they just aren’t going to rush into this because there’s an argument, certainly,

Chris Fedor (04:36.175)

for keeping him based on what he’s accomplished as a head coach here in Cleveland. And I think just like that, there’s an argument for moving on from him. So I think a lot of factors are in play. And then when there are a lot of factors in play, it’s not usually something that comes hastily.

Ethan Sands (04:56.356)

Chris, we talked all season about the reactions that we have been seeing and getting from this fan base about fire JB Bickerstav, give rid of JB Bickerstav, is JB Bickerstav’s fault? And it turned at the end of the season, it’s Colby Altman’s fault. So I said, let’s go to the subtexters.

Let’s get their opinion based on especially all the information that we have been giving them all season long, along with the podcast information that we’ve been hitting them on five days of the week. And I threw a poll at them and I said, what do you think? Should the Cavs stick with JV Bickerstaff for next season? Yes or no. And this poll, Chris, based on all the different reactions that we got throughout the season was a lot.

Chris Fedor (05:45.263)

Mm -hmm.

Ethan Sands (05:46.308)

Closer than I thought it was going to be so the exact question that I asked and I’m gonna say this now I’ve gotten some Like I said, I’m the guy that reads the Twitter comments I’m the guy that reads the YouTube comments and all that stuff trying to make sure we continue to upgrade this podcast and give you guys the content that we want and I’ve gotten some feedback saying that I look down at my phone too much

when I’m trying to pull up stats and stuff because I don’t want to pull up stuff on my computer and change the brightness and stuff. But I’m going to pull it up on the computer and see what y ‘all think. So here’s the exact question that I asked. It was should JB Bickerstaff remain the head coach of the Cavs? And Chris, 54 .84 % said no. 45 .16 % said yes.

That’s really close in the eyes of a poll being done on a marginalized, like it’s a different kind of group that we have with self -tax. It is a community that, like I’ve said, we give them different information. So maybe they have a different perspective, more insight, more knowledge when it comes to what regular fans do. And maybe that is a plug for you guys to go subscribe to self -tax. But I think that’s…

Generally pretty close for a poll that we have that’s usually waning in one way or the other. What do you think about how these subtexts are responding to this poll, Chris?

Chris Fedor (07:21.039)

Ethan, I’m not all that surprised by it. If we’re being perfectly honest, I understand that in the moment there’s been a lot of frustration with JB. But I think if you take a step back and you try and take a clear -eyed view of it and you allow the emotions to kind of die down from everything that happened throughout the course of the season, because it was a very emotional season, even Max Struce and a couple of the players were talking about, you know, this was a lot. We went through a lot this year. This was tough. This was challenging.

But when you take a step back from that and you take emotion out of it, because you don’t want to make an emotional decision, it’s not like he has been a disaster as a coach. It’s not like this era under JB has been a failure for this team in any sort of way. He brought them out of the rebuild darkness. It was a terrible situation that he took over. The John B -line situation was a complete

an utter disaster. Everything about it was disastrous. It did not work whatsoever. And there was no guarantee that the Cavs were going to find a new coach in JB like they did. And they were going to get to this point where they made back to back playoff appearances, where they won their first playoff series without LeBron James in 30 years. We can’t just sit here and pretend like that was a guarantee because at the time that he took over, that was far from a guarantee.

There was very little hope. There was very little optimism for the future of this team. Obviously, Donovan Mitchell coming in two years ago in the blockbuster trade, it changed expectations. It changed the timeline for the organization. It pushed this rebuild much, much further. But JB was the one who oversaw everything. So I can understand why it’s almost 50 -50 because I do think there’s a legitimate case to keep him.

And I think there’s a legitimate argument against keeping him. And that’s why I think it’s going to be a tough decision for this organization. And it’s not a situation, Ethan, where to me it’s…

Chris Fedor (09:31.311)

Did this stretch with JB lead to success? Because if you’re asking that question, the answer is yes. Right? Back to back seasons with nearly 50 wins, back to back playoff appearances, a top 10 defense three years in a row, and that’s his bread and butter, that’s his forte. A culture that’s been put into place that is about competitiveness,

playing hard, sacrifice, togetherness, toughness, all those different things. So I don’t think that’s the question that the front office is asking, honestly. Because if this is about taking steps as an organization and evolving as an organization, for the Cavs, the next step is can we get to the level of Boston, right? Can we get to the level of the Milwaukee Bucks when fully healthy or the New York Knicks or the Philadelphia 76ers?

However you feel about the hierarchy in the Eastern Conference, it’s no longer just about winning a playoff series, right? It’s no longer just about getting to that particular level. It’s about, can we take the next step? Can we compete for a championship? Can we get on the same level as the other top teams in the Eastern Conference? And that is a different kind of question than…

was this four year stretch under JB, four plus year stretch under JB a success? It’s do we have the right coach to get us to the place that ultimately we want to get to?

Ethan Sands (11:12.1)

So of course Chris, I threw this poll in the subtext channel that we have and I did not ask them only to give their response but I said if you are so inclined to say that Jamie Bickerstaff should get the boop, who should his replacement be? Because

Chris Fedor (11:29.711)

Mm. Mm -hmm.

Ethan Sands (11:31.684)

That has been what the question has been more so. And I’m going to read through some of these responses. And because I got it in front of me on the computer, they’re a little bit bigger than they are on my phone. So we might get more in depth. All right. So here’s the first one. And Chris, I know you are here for the chaos and I love it, but here’s the first one. Not a response to JB at all. Kobe should be the one looking for a job.

Chris Fedor (11:42.743)


Ethan Sands (11:58.82)

Ridiculous, he didn’t make moves at all at the All -Star break. So we’re just going to move past that because that’s a conversation.

Chris Fedor (12:06.159)

Well, I’ll say this though, I’ll say this though, Ethan, I do think that there needs to be an evaluation of Kobe Altman. I do think that Dan Gilbert needs to ask himself, is Kobe good enough at building a team, a cohesive team? Because I don’t think there’s a question about can he assemble talent because he has done, can he identify talent because he has done that. But.

To me, the question surrounding the Cavs is, do the pieces fit well enough for it to come together the way that ultimately you want it to? Because if we’re talking about going into another era of Cavs basketball with Donovan Mitchell, and that’s obviously the hope for the Cavs, it’s not about just making the playoffs. It’s not just about getting out of the first round of the playoffs. It’s about, like I said, conference finals and finals appearances.

And that’s where team building matters, right? That’s where fit really, really matters. If you’re just a team that is looking to get to the playoffs or win a first round series, like fit isn’t so much the driving force of that. It’s about assembling as much talent as you possibly can. And I do think there are legitimate questions about does Kobe have a high enough level of understanding.

of team building and fit, or is he somebody who has not shown the ability to do that and he’s more somebody who can just like assemble talent? Just like we’re sitting here and we’re asking the question about JB, is he the right guy to take the next step with this team? Or do they need somebody who can infuse like different philosophies and different principles?

Do the Cavs need somebody who can create more of a dynamic, modern offense? It’s the same thing when it comes to Kobe. Like, okay, it’s great that he has assembled talent and it’s great that you can make an argument that the Cavs have four of the top 50 -ish players in the NBA, but do those players fit well enough together? And is he willing to make the difficult roster related decisions?

Chris Fedor (14:27.791)

when it comes to fit. So I understand why a subtexter responded with that kind of thing because I do think that he should be under evaluation as well.

Ethan Sands (14:38.884)

And I’m in complete agreement. I just wish it was going to come under the subtext in the poll that will be coming out probably later this week or next week about…

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