Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 31,


Angela M. Arbelaez and Gonzalo Aguilar to Kevin Arbelaez, 11-13 Orlando St., $300,000.

James M. Valenti to Irene Walsh, 179 Brookfield Lane, $285,000.

Joseph F. Giordano to Samuel Stepchuk, 84-86 Garden St., $390,000.

Maria J. Gobeille and Maria J. Giordano to Berkshire Land Co LLC, 48 Fairview St., $190,000.

Patricia Lambert and Gary Lambert to Barbara M. Counos, 121 Beekman Drive, Unit 121, $235,000.


Csaba Andras Moritz and Sylvia J. Moritz to Caroline Costello and Lawrence Kluttz, 28 Dana St., $703,000.

Joan A. Knightly and Patrick J. Knightly to Catherine C. McGeoch, 77 Columbia Drive, $335,000.

Andrew H. Crouch and Melinda Ricker to Joyce B. Crouch, 95 Pulpit Hill Road, $100.

Joyce B. Crouch to Daniel Nachbar and Carol A. Bloom, 95 Pulpit Hill Road, $450,000.

Lorraine M. Kieras, trustee, and John G. Kieras Funding Trust to Robert D. Kieras, Russellville Road, $100,000.

Jennifer Ferol Jones to Allison Rachel McGlynn, 11 Duxbury Lane, $379,900.

Stephen A. Gottlieb, Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg Gottlieb and Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg to Stephen A. Gottlieb, trustee, Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg Gottlieb, trustee, Stephen A. Gottlieb Revocable Trust and Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg Gottlieb Revocable Trust, 44 Ward St., $100.


Peter J. Dasilva Jr., and Janet A. Dasilva to Janet A. Dasilva, trustee, Revocable Indenture of Trust of Janet A. Dasilva and Peter J. Dasilva Jr., trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Peter J. Dasilva Jr., 40 Woodhaven Drive, $100.

Michael J. Pease to Michael J. Pease and Rebecca J. Pease, 120 North Main St., $100.

Gary M. Leyden and Roxanne M. Leyden to M & G Land Development LLC, Rural Street, $185,000.

Alice B. Lattrel and Alice B. Lattrell to Kevin Anderson Brown, 26 Ludlow St., $375,000.


Michael T. O’Brien to Jennifer C. Smith, 100 Bray Road, $270,000.


ARPC LLC, to Matthew Ryan Gray and Korey Leigh Thurlow, 1177 Mohawk Trail, $239,900.


Adam J. Sheran to Rachel Symski and Chelsea Girton, 15 Maple St., $104,000.

Griffin A. Bazzeghin, Nigel F. Bazzeghin, Seth M. Kenny and Damon Alexander Bazzeghin, estate, to Aaron Sherlin, 9 Prospect St., $175,000.

William Wayne Roberts to Robert A. Lee and Emily E. Smith Lee, 499 Skyline Trail, $487,000.


AJN Rentals LLC, to Sean Baillargeon Kirley, 28 Monroe St., $360,000.

Carol Marnelakis to ServiceNet Inc., 168 Jean Circle, $465,000.

Dale View Apartments LLC, to Homer View Partners LLC, 33 Homer Ave., $1,300,000.

Lauree Stark to Mary Jane Tobin, 34 Colonial Circle, Unit B, $142,000.

Michael B. Carra, representative, Mark Ernest Carra, estate, and Mark E. Carra, estate, to Tyrese Anton Harris, 554 Broadway, $410,000.

Patrick J. Keefe and Tracy Keefe to Joanellys Rodriguez, 34 Deslauriers St., $340,000.

Polish National Credit Union to Valley Opportunity Council Inc., 0 Exchange Street, $418,300.

Torre Hanson Properties LLC, to Cherlie Magny-Normilus, 892 Chicopee St., $160,000.

Victoria A. Santiago and Jose L. Santiago to Sarah K. Kellogg, 44 Thomas St., $287,000.


Samantha A. Fabian and Daniel A. Potter to David A. Potter and Elizabeth W. Potter, Roaring Brook Road, $20,000.

Thomas E. Redlinger to Wendy Stayman, Reeds Bridge Road, $2,250.


Bo Guyer Carpen and Jamille Ruth Kort to William Friis Stettler, 32 Clark Road, $400,000.


Fay L. Huenniger to Jonathan B. Weis, 177 Stillwater Road, $360,000.

Elaine Malanson and Walter A. Malanson to Christopher Caldwell and Rachel Caldwell, 6 Eastern Ave., $325,000.

East Longmeadow

Christina Chimi, representative, and Jean M. Nolan, estate, to Jeffrey R. Kuselias and Peter Kuselias, 192 Hampden Road, $165,000.

Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Zadkiel Realty Trust, trustee of, to Jillian Rivest, trustee, and Cory Langlais Revocable Real Estate Trust, trustee of, 263 Prospect St., $475,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Carmen Ginorio and Justin L. Roman Sr., 176 Hampden Road, $309,000.

JMB Property Management LLC, to Christian J. Santaniello, 48 Van Dyke Road, $240,000.

Zane L. Mirkin, trustee, and Zane L. Mirkin Family Trust, trustee of, to 275 Benton LLC, 5 Benton Drive, Par 5, $650,000.


Tina T. Champagne, trustee, and Tessier Family Irrevocable Trust to Tina T. Champagne, 92 Lovefield St., $400,000.

Roni Tilkin to Sheri Lee, 28 West St., $268,000.

Dennis P. O’Connor, personal representative, and John J. O’Connor Jr., estate, to PAH Properties LLC, 10 Beyer Drive, $250,000.

Barbara R. Conner to Jean Sheeley, 22 Ashley Circle, $655,000.

D & R Management Company LLC, to 10-12 Industrial Pkwy LLC, 10 Industrial Pkw and 12 Industrial Pkw $3,000,000.

Christina M. Vultaggio to Klay Kipler and Madrone Kipler, 336 East St., $275,000.

Cheryl M. Friss Lewis, Cheryl M. Friss and Mark Dylan Lewis to Tanya M. Lama and Tobias A. Grindal, 22 School St., $300,000.


Curt J. Englehardt, a/k/a Curt Englehardt, to Candace M. Manning and Evan M. Manning, 3B Mountain Road Estates, “aka” 3B Mountain Road, Unit 3B Mountain Road Estates Condominium, $220,000.


Fenida D. Kandrotas to Jebediah C. Johansmeyer, 47 Ball Road, $217,900.


A-Yemisi Jimoh to Dominic Dowd, 55 Pleasant St., $265,000.

Paul J. Mazzariello, trustee, Carole-Anne I. Mazzariello, trustee, and Angel Boy Family Trust to Joseph E. Denette Jr., and Krista L. Denette, 34 Ferry Hill Road, $540,000.


Cezar Henrique de Almeida to Andrea Guerron and Luis Sumba, 86-88 Conway St., $106,000.

Stephen Poulin and Kimberly Salditt-Poulin to Joseph Lawton-Curtis, 12 Prospect St., $261,000.

Laura L. Bentz and Kenneth N. Kuttner to Kathryn Claire Hilsinger, 96 Deerfield St., Unit 96 Green River Commons Condominium, $205,000.

Christopher A. Murphy to Ana Volosenco and Vladimir Volosenco, Lampblack Road, $44,500.

David C. Brooks, trustee of the One Hundred Eighty Three Wells Realty Trust, and David C. Brooks, trustee of the One Hundred Eighty Five-Seven Wells Realty Trust, to Emerson Properties LLC, 185-187 Wells St., and 183 Wells St., $330,000.

Resilient Investments LLC, to Thi Phuong Lan Trinh, 24 Cedar Glen Circle, Unit 24 Greenfield Town Homes Condominium, $199,900.

Corissa E. Tripp and Nathaniel A. Tripp to Christina M. Grant and Garrett C. Grant, 253 Silver St., $330,000.


Emily K. Brennan, Katherine F. Brennan, Emily K. Brennan, personal representative, Katherine F. Brennan, personal representative, and Timothy W. Brennan, estate, to Dennis C. Morin Jr., and Melissa M. Morin, 263 River Drive, $675,000.

Brett A. Briggs, Jessica Briggs, and Jessica N. Farias to April Parsons and Seth Kershner, 10 Shattuck Road, $435,000.

Max A. Wojtowicz and Paula F. Wojtowicz to Richard S. Wojtowicz, trustee, and 23 Chmura Road Trust, 23 Chmura Road, $100.

Adare Place Properties LLC, to W. Marek Inc., 2 Adare Place, $165,000.


Robert F. Sheehan, trustee, and North Road Realty Trust, trustee of, to Yehuda M. Shapira and Jill Shapira, 406 North Road, $1,200,000.


Sarah M. Wanczyk and Belden Family Trust to Philip Andrikidis, Straits Road, $100.

Thomas R. Smead and Kathy A. Smead to Beverly J.C. Moulton, 15 Mountain Drive and 15 Mountain Road, $346,000.


Mari J. Craig and Steven A. Craig, “aka” Steven A. Craig Sr., to Briel Gibson and Rowan L. Jones, 92 Burrington Road, “aka” 92 Burrington Hill Road, $265,000.


Davignon Properties LLC, to Denale Investments LLC, 47-49 Cherry St., $400,000.

Forty One Acres LLC, to McKenzie Brothers Realty LLC, 92-104 Suffolk St., $300,000.

James M. Lavelle and Ann M. Mann to Teresa Lavelle, 20 Portland St., $270,000.

KMak LLC, and Ryan Randall Realty LLC, to Miguel Ramirez, 22 Laurel St., $391,000.

Michael J. Murphy, representative, and Paul Richard Bebo, estate, to Kent Moore, 3 Williams St., $230,000.

NRES LLC, to Napolitano Roofing of Massachusetts LLC, 85-87 Hitchcock St., $250,000.

Paper City Servers LLC, to Mirzai530 LLC, 530 High St., $70,000.

Plata O. Plomo Inc., to Rebecca E. Kc, 340 Hampden St., $183,500.


Viola A. Pierce to Todd M. Rose and Jill H. Rose, 6 Thomas Road, $310,000.


Alice R. Hoffman to CKJ Realty LLC, 41 Longmeadow Road, $302,000.

Andrea M. Kureczka to Ahmet Sarban and Gizem Koc, 80 Meadow Road, $270,000.

Gloria Borys, trustee, and Josephine G. Sokol Revocable Indenture of Trust of, trustee of, to Jill Morris and Scott Houghton, 97 Shady Side Drive, $200,000.

Keith C. Mondello to Robert Lyons, 385 Bliss Road, $350,000.

Lyle T. Le and Thien An Cai to Daniel Daponde, Daniel J. Daponde, Jennifer Daponde and Jennifer L. Daponde, 92 Branch St., $390,000.

Phyllis Beckwith to Luwam Dirar and Kibrom Teweldebirhan, 157 Wenonah Road, $420,000.

Seyla Martayan Lan, representative, and Richard M. Lan, estate, to Lawrence Paul Reed, 10 Vanguard Lane, $345,500.


Edward J. Cauley to Samantha Miele, 43 Edgewood Road, $265,000.

Edward Kupiec, Mitchell S. Kupiec and Michael Kupiec to CTC Property Holdings LLC, 150-152 Sewall St., $265,000.

Jamie E. Chandonnet to Ryan Michael St. Germain and Kristen Nichole St. Germain, 10 Autumn Ridge Road, $645,000.

Jeanne M. Sady to Shiyun Gu and Yang Cao, 45 Robin Drive, $390,000.


Bretta Construction LLC, to Li Chen and Yan Li, 6 Upper Palmer Road, $610,000.

Brittany Ramos, John E. Donoghue and Rafael Luiz Ramos to Dean P. Osborne Jr., and Calli Osborne, 32 Flynt Ave., $288,500.

Daniel R. Harwood and Hannah Harwood to Jerry Ballard and Debra R. Ballard, 200 Bumstead Road, $350,000.

Deborah S. DaSilva and Richard P. Knight to Elizabeth A. McNiff, 13 Country Club Heights, $327,500.

Lawrence F. Army, commissioner, Bonnie Bressem and Christopher Glanville to Laura M. Elian, 4 Boston Road East, $137,000.

Timothy J. Davies and Ann M. Davies to Morgan A. Lindemayer-Finck and Sean Anthony Moyer, 245 State Ave., $294,000.


Christopher A. Senecal to Kaila J. Dardar and Alexis N. Root, 551 Turners Falls Road, $360,000.

Raymond A. Godin, Edwin E. Sargent Jr., and Roberta M. Sargent to Eric Bator and Courtney Dowd, 96 Montague City Road, $312,500.

Gary F. Bourbeau, Robert Bourbeau and Michele Leveille to Stephen Asseng and Jeffrey Oakes, Trustees of the 8 Pleasant Street Realty Trust. 8 Pleasant Street. $218,000.

New Salem

Janet F. Kraft, “aka” Janet Kraft, to Cedric Cooley and Alycia Lovely, 100 Elm St., $490,000.


Teresa L. Gross, Teresa L. Gross, trustee, and Teresa L. Gross Trust to Nu-Way Homes Inc., 80 Milton St., $700,000.

Cole Archambault and Maris R. Mann-Stadt to Anna Gabriela Wieckowski and Samuel Masinter, 52 Olive St., $744,000.


Felix Santana-Pablon, “aka” Felix Santana Pabon, and Anna Santana to Jessica C. Corwin and Philip B. Silva, 400 Four Mile Brook Road, “aka” 414 Four Mile Brook Road, $72,500.

Orange Jason W. Houser, personal representative of the Estate of Douglas Edward Engstrom to Laura Aiello, 163 West River St., $308,000.


Margaret M. Paquette Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, Gloria J. Page, trustee, Beverly A. Dudek, trustee, and Margaret M. Paqueette Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, to Joseph Dull and Dara Hennessey-Dull, 383 Rondeau Road, $272,000.

Jane M. Olson and Jane M. Benoit to GD Properties LLC, 321 Wilbraham St., $80,000.

Jeffrey A. Day Jr., to Eric A. Day and Erica Rae Day, 1011 Hillside Drive, $230,000.

Prime Partners LLC, to Benjamin Cavaliere and Shannon Barbara Grieve, 1115 Overlook Drive, $329,900.


Mary-Ann Charney, trustee of the Evergreen Heights Trust, to Kenneth Thane and Paula Thane, 23 Cross Road, $485,000.

Clayton C. Miller and Ellen B. Miller to Anna J. Humbert and Dennis A. Humbert, trustees of the Anna J. Humbert Trust, Tunnel Road, $40,000.


Todd M. Weiler and James N. Weiler to Gerard J. Roy, 69 West Main St., $178,000.


Brian W. Rice to Michael A. Ball and Joy E. Gates, trustees of the Ball Gates Trust, Mohawk Trail, $100,000.

South Hadley

Janet R. Bowdan, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Elizabeth S. Bowdan to Janet R. Bowdan, 107 Woodbridge St., $100.

Anthony D. Maloni and Cynthia J. Maloni to 6-8 Grant Street LLC, 6-8 Grant St., $575,000.

WBCMT 2007-C33 Gaylord Street LLC, and CWCAPITAL Asset Management LLC, to Charizard LLC, 60 Lamb St., $3,050.

Jennifer B. Jarrell, Dianne E. Poole and Dianne E. Smith to Annette L. Morris, 334 North Main St., $350,000.

Elizabeth L. Teter, trustee, Payton D. Teter, trustee, and Fay Family Trust to Luz S. Flores, 41 W. Summit St., and 41 West Summit St., $179,500.


Daniel J. Orwat and Jilliane R. Orwat to Marvin E. Turner Jr., and Heidi M. Turner, 6 Madison Ave., $498,000.


Carl E. Haggstrom, representative, and Olle E. Haggstrom, estate, to Carl E. Haggstrom and Paula S. Haggstrom, 22 Shore Road, $354,000.

David C. Brooker and Dorothy J. Brooker to Mark Matthew Garrity, 58 Berkshire Ave., $710,000.

Miller Solar Properties LLC, to Kearsarge Southwick RE LLC, 63A Congamond Road, $500,000.


Bretta Construction LLC, to Lakshmi Persaud and Budie Tobaran, 8 Francis St., $499,900.

Carlos Colon to Justin D. Hart, 130-132 Methuen St., $365,000.

Chad Lynch and James Rocca to Amrut Deshmukh and Siddhi Deshmukh, 192-194 Leyfred Terrace, $299,000.

Diane N. Kadzik to Dnepro Properties LLC, 104 Eleanor Road, $260,000.

Douglas M. Gibbs and Marissa Gibbs to Lisa Greaves, 64 Fullerton St., $245,000.

Dreamwake Homes Inc., to Winnipeg Street LLC, 30 Winnipeg St., $294,000.

Foley Capital LLC, to Leanza Lormil, 278 Plumtree Road, $305,000.

Francesco Siniscalchi to Delia I. Pinero, 90 Lorenzo St., $261,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corp., to Santana Real Estate Inc., 18 Fenway Drive, $229,571.

Gabriela Aviles-Sanchez and Kevin Y. Serrano Rivera to Susan N. Colon, 34 Croyden Terrace, $295,000.

Gloria J. Lak, estate, and Christine M. Merigan, representative, to Darlene Vooris-Lape and Darlene A. Vooris Lape, 142 Homestead Ave., $295,000.

Jaime Flores, representative, Paul Kennedy, estate, and Paul Francis Kennedy, estate, to Desiree Parker, 18 Upland St., $235,000.

Jashidi Romal Pressley and Itamar Pressley to Welcome Orchard Limited Partnership, 305-307 Main St., $265,000.

JJJ17 LLC, to Tuyen Kim Le, 20 Hunt St., $220,000.

Joan R. Green to Jairo M. Rodriguez and Perla Gonzalez, 65 Wellington St., $130,000.

Jose A. Santos, Anthony John Santos and Anthony Santos to Bella & Jake LLC, 185-187 Orange St., $225,000.

Jose Correa to Jasmin Rojas, 165 Bacon Road, $265,000.

Joseph W. Powers to Kelsey Relihan and Justin Williams, 274 Cooper St., $271,000.

Joyce Porter-Debose and Joyce E. Porter to Anthony A. Barrios Echeverria, 758-760 Alden St., $322,000.

Juan Lopera-Martinez to Patricio M. Torres, 96-98 Kenyon St., $406,000.

Karen Mason Cabana, Vincents D. Scala, Anna V. Scala and Vincent D. Scala to Paola Rojas, Angelo Disla Escano and Santa Rosa Sanchez, 273 Newhouse St., $293,550.

Kelnate Realty LLC, to Angelica Lee Colon Maldonado, 21-23 Vinton St., $280,000.

Kenneth J. Lafleur to 246 Oakland LLC, 246 Oakland St., $209,900.

Kyle Planter, Alyssa Planter and Alyssa Flores to Tuyen Ha, 72 Wachusett St., $280,000.

Long River Realty LLC, to Sarah Simpson, 56 Leyfred Terrace, $200,000.

Louis H. Cadorette and Rhea Rodrigue to John H. Holly, 11…

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