Morgan County property transactions

The following property transactions were recorded in Morgan County between Dec. 27 and Jan. 2:

William Greg Spangenberg, trustee, Dona D. Spangenberg, trustee, Spangenberg Family Trust, to Albert M. Cook, trustee, Nancy G. Cook, trustee, Albert Cook and Nancy Cook Trust, Kenneth W. Davis and Angela M. Davis, farmland, number 12-13-100-009, Jacksonville, $5,000

Dennis R. Lush and Joyce E. Lush to Samuel J. Fromme and Nicole M. Fromme, Mill Street, number 14-36-201-029, Franklin, $1,000

US Bank, trustee, Residential Asset Mortgage Products, PHH Mortgage Corp. to Gina Carr, 702 S. Clay Ave., $28,500

John E. Griffin Jr. to Gavin T. Jennings, Joshua M. Jennings, Mark A. Jennings, 206 Shafer Road, Meredosia, $1,500

Julie A. Bruninga, power of attorney, John D. Miller to Kristen Castro, 2224 Beach Road, Meredosia, $120,000

Daniel G. Willard, trustee, Mary Joan Willard, trustee, Daniel G. Willard Trust, Mary Joan Willard Trust, to Charles W. Barfield, 447 S. Mauvaisterre St., $40,000

Jenna E. Meyer to Christy Vaughn, 1126 S. East St., $90,000

Clayton Yates and Tanner M. Flaherty to Carrie M. Buchanan, Aaron Michael Buchanan, Matt Aaron Buchanan, 205 E. Pennsylvania Ave., $80,000

Judith K. Eyer to Harry Davidson Jr. and Barbara J. Davidson, 322 W. Pennsylvania Ave., $35,000

Compiled by Shirley Bilyeu

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