New York Governor Hochul Urged To Sign ‘Gold Standard’ Anti-Slaughter Bill – Horse Racing

by Press Release|12.12.2023|9:18am

New York Kathy Hochul presenting the Travers trophy in 2021

National Horse Day is celebrated every year on Dec. 13. This year, Equine Advocates joins the growing chorus of lawmakers, equine-related organizations, and countless horse lovers and advocates across New York state calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to sign Assembly Bill A5109/Senate Bill S2163B to prohibit the slaughter of horses for human and animal consumption. Sponsored by Deborah Glick in the NYS Assembly and Joseph Addabbo in the Senate, the bills passed easily through both chambers in June.

“For 19 years, I have worked to prohibit the buying, selling, and transportation of horses for the purpose of slaughter in New York,” said Assemblymember Deborah Glick. “Horses are elegant animals that are cherished to many New Yorkers, from farmers to equestrians. Just last year, Gov. Hochul signed appropriate legislation for the retirement of thoroughbred horses. The Governor needs to continue that work by joining with the legislature and the many advocates to end the slaughter pipeline and the inhumane treatment of these noble creatures by signing A.5109A/S.2163B to prohibit the slaughter of horses for human or animal consumption in New York State.”

This bill, if passed, would set the gold standard for anti-horse slaughter legislation in the nation. It would completely protect equines from slaughter by banning this practice under any circumstances. All loopholes would be closed, as it would not just prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption, but also for zoo/pet food and other secondary markets – a glaring omission in the current federal bill introduced as the SAFE Act. The good news is that there is still time for the federal bill to be amended, but for right now the spotlight is on New York.

“In 1993, I rescued my first horse from slaughter and founded Equine Advocates three years later specifically because of this horrendous and Un-American practice,” said Equine Advocates president Susan Wagner. “As a native New Yorker, witnessing my state pass the best and most stringent horse slaughter ban in the nation has given me and countless other New Yorkers a huge sense of pride. We call on residents all across this great state to urge Gov. Hochul to sign this bill into law before Dec. 31. That in itself would be historic, but if she chose to sign it on National Horse Day, this special day celebrating America’s wild and domestic equines would be even greater!”

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