Occidental Petroleum: Why I Believe The Stock Is A Steal Today (NYSE:OXY)

Kevin Dietsch

Intro & Thesis

I have written 5 articles on Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY) stock since becoming an active analyst on Seeking Alpha, but unfortunately for me, the stock has remained flat since early last year when I became bullish.

Seeking Alpha, the author’s coverage of OXY stock

BofA [January 24, 2024 – proprietary source]

Why Do I Think So?

Investing.com, WTI, author’s notes

S&P Global, Commodities Insights

Seeking Alpha, OXY stock

OXY’s Q3 FY2023 IR materials

YCharts, author’s notes

Investing.com, OXY, author’s notes

Risks To Consider

The Bottom Line

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