Plans for Main Street marina remain at full sail

A round of changes to the plans for a marina at 93 Main Street, proposed by local resident and businessman Danny Warren, have received approval from the Wareham Planning Board. 

The project’s plans received a series of minor changes since the last time they were before the board, said project representative Bill Madden. 

Madden added, when the Planning Board approved the main building of the marina, the board said to come back when the project team had a settled idea of where to place the two secondary buildings on the property, a food stand and an outdoors pavilion. That time was now, Madden said. 

The Planning Board accepted the planned locations and conditions of both buildings. Members questioned a few aspects of the project, including the ease of access for delivery trucks, but largely approved of the project’s details. 

Planning Board member Carl Schultz asked how the property had fared in the recent storm event. 

The event was a “real eye opener,” said Warren. The water didn’t get near the main building, and while half the parking lot did go under water, the drainage system worked well in the storm’s aftermath. 

During the public comment section of the meeting, members of the Wareham community expressed their gratitude for Warren for his development of the marina, saying it will be a “jewel” of downtown Wareham and a positive project for the town. 

The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the changes.

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