Silver Minings: George Kittle compares the playoffs to Maxx Crosby

Raiders News: George Kittle compares the playoffs to Maxx Crosby – Silver And Black Pride

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The Las Vegas Raiders are sitting at home this weekend after an 8-9 season. The coaching and general manager search has started to form with a big decision coming up for Mark Davis and the franchise.

Maxx Crosby is one of the players who will be a part of the new regime next season. According to PFF, Crosby finished with a career-high 14.5 sacks and 92 pressures. Over the past three seasons, he has become one of the most consistent edge rushers in the NFL.

Crosby’s relentless motor is what sets him apart from other edge rushers in the NFL. Crosby never leaves the field and plays the run just as hard as the pass. That’s why former All-Pro tight end George Kittle recently compared the intensity of the playoffs to Crosby’s maximum effort.

“Everybody looks like Maxx Crosby when you get to the playoffs: 100% effort on every single play.”

That is high praise from Kittle because that is what makes the playoffs almost a different sport. Every single play counts, and one turnover can turn the momentum of the game. Crosby is a special part of the Raiders organization.

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