Sydney Sweeney Just Lived Every Millennial’s Dream With Her Latest Purchase for Her Mom

For many millennials, the dream of owning a home seems like a distant mirage in today’s economy, let alone the monumental achievement of paying off its mortgage. Yet, Sydney Sweeney, the unstoppable star from hits like Anyone But You and Madame Web, has turned this elusive dream into a heartwarming reality. With the earnings from her thriving acting career, Sweeney has ensured that a house very close to her heart remains within her family, embodying every millennial’s aspiration along the way.

“I recently paid off my mom’s mortgage,” Sweeney explained in an interview with Who What Wear. This gesture is more than just a financial milestone; it’s a fulfillment of a childhood dream. “As a kid, I always dreamt of being able to take care of my parents, so that was a really big thing for me to be able to do.”

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This gesture is particularly touching, as Sweeney managed to repurchase her great-grandmother’s house — the very home her parents had to sell to support her early acting ambitions — this past December.

“My great-grandma had this beautiful house… My grandma was born in it. My mom was born in it, and then as the kids got older, they built on the property another home,” Sweeney explained on The Kelly Clarkson Show last December. “And when my great-grandpa passed away and my great-grandma got old, they just couldn’t afford to keep it anymore… It was a lot.”

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“I called up the owners and I said, ‘I want to buy my great-grandmother’s house back,‘” Sweeney said. “My ‘grandy’ still lives in the house next door,” Sweeney said. “I’m neighbors with my ‘grandy’ now.”

Sweeney’s success on screen has translated into an act of profound love and gratitude off-screen, showing just how deep her bond goes with her fam — and how critical it is to her maintaining her sanity through the whirlwind of filming schedules and press tours.

“I try to incorporate them into my life as much as possible, whether it’s talking with my cousins every other day or going home,” she explained. Even if it means flying back to Washington for a mere 24 hours, Sweeney cherishes every moment spent with her loved ones, from skiing trips with her grandma to serene days out on the lake.

And, in the midst of swirling rumors linking Sweeney romantically to her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell co-star, her firm stance on privacy makes even more sense. “Because they’re mine,” she asserts, with a protective fervor over her personal life. “I signed up to be an actress so I could give people characters and stories,” Sydney proclaimed, drawing a bold line between her public persona and her private world.

While most of us are over here figuring out how to keep our succulents alive, Sweeney’s out there making big moves and securing homes. It’s a heartwarming reminder of what’s possible with a dash of Hollywood success, a sprinkle of hard work, and a whole lot of familial love. So, as we all navigate our daily grind, maybe it’s time to dream a little bigger, eh? Who knows, maybe buying our parents a mansion is just one blockbuster role away… or, you know, a couple thousand saving steps in the right direction.

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