The ‘most interesting man in the world’ of Dos Equis fame is now doing ads for a bitcoin ETF

“The most interesting man in the world” appeared in an ad for Bitwise.Dos Equis

“The most interesting man in the world” actor of Dos Equis fame appeared in an ad for Bitwise.

Bitwise and other crypto firms are waiting on SEC approval for a spot bitcoin ETF.

“You know what’s interesting these days? Bitcoin.”

Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who appeared in numerous Dos Equis beer commercials portraying “the most interesting man in the world,” appeared in a short advertisement for cryptocurrency firm Bitwise.

“You know what’s interesting these days?” Goldsmith says in the commercial. “Bitcoin.”


Bitwise, along with other financial firms like BlackRock and Fidelity, is waiting for the greenlight from the Securities and Exchange Commission to begin offering clients a spot bitcoin ETF.

However, unlike larger Wall Street players, Bitwise has been offering crypto futures-based ETFs for years. The ad concludes with a tagline that nods to its expertise: “ETFs backed by crypto specialists.”

The Bitwise ad, which was posted on X on Monday, could be just a taste of the frenzy potentially on the way.

In a December 13 newsletter, investor Anthony Pompliano wrote that the “greatest marketing blitz in finance history is coming” as regulators could approve a bitcoin spot ETF as soon as January 2024.

“In my estimation, asset managers will collectively spend $100 million or more trying to woo investors and capital to their respective ETFs,” he wrote. “There will be PR wars waged on the front pages of financial media. CEOs will be paraded around television news outlets as much as possible. There will be TV commercials. Super Bowl ads. Full page takeovers of newspapers. A flood of content on every social media platform. And billboards everywhere.”

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